Keller Sales & Engineering, Inc. was started in 1955 by H.J. Keller, his son Robert D. Keller and his son-in-law Ralph C. Angelillis.

In the beginning, Keller Sales & Engineering, Inc. concentrated all their work in the citrus industry. They constructed evaporators, stills, piping, fruit bins, bucket elevators, dryers, can lines, and screw conveyors which hauled the citrus peelings. In 1971 the company built the first stainless steel storage tank to hold orange concentrate for a company called Ben Hill Griffin in Frostproof, Florida. It was a small tank, about 2,000 gallons, but that event started the assembly of large storage tanks and tank farms all over the state of Florida. At one time or another, Keller Sales & Engineering, Inc. built stainless steel storage tanks for every major citrus company in the state of Florida.

In 1972, Keller Sales & Engineering, Inc. was hired by Castleton Beverage (Bacardi) in Jacksonville, FL and for the next 4 years fabricated tanks as large as 250,000 gallons and as small as 40,000 gallons. They ran the piping, pumps and even installed 6 conveyor lines to carry the rum in the cartons from the warehouse to the filling machines and back to the warehouse. In a period of about 10 years Keller Sales & Engineering, Inc. built at least 9 million gallons worth of storage tanks at Castleton Beverage.

Keller Angelillis

For the last 25 years Keller Sales & Engineering, Inc. also worked with the Bacardi plant in Nassau, Bahamas. The company built most of the outside storage tanks, ran the piping from the shore to the tankards and in the late 1990’s completed much needed upgrades to the plant.

In the 1980’s Keller Sales & Engineering, Inc. began adapting their manufacturing capabilities to the Wastewater Treatment industry. They began to construct screw and belt conveyors to move sludge, the residual semi-solid material left from industrial, water treatment, or wastewater treatment processes. They also built the dryers that transform the sludge into biosolids, one of the many stages in the complex treatment process. Presently, the company has conveyor systems in at least 200 cities and/or counties in the state of Florida.